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Great marketing isn't just about getting attention.

It's also about building trusted relationships that educate, delight, and inspire.   

Want your brand to communicate trust? Hire me.


What Your Business Needs To Build Consumer Trust

A website

These days, more than 81% of consumers are doing online research before making purchases (Adweek). Every business needs a well-designed and professional looking website to attract new customers and show that they are credible and trusted. 

Personalized Content

 Delivering meaningful content to both customers and prospects that is well-written and researched increases your brand's credibility and trust. Most people prefer to do work with businesses who know what they're talking about and also understand the needs of their customers. 

meaningful connections

It doesn't matter how great a piece of content is if it doesn't resonate with its audience. Meaningful marketing connections always begin with a well-planned strategy that ensures the right content is created for the right audience and delivered through the right channels at the right time. 


Why work with me?


You get one-on-one attention and service from an executive-level marketing professional with years of copywriting, sales, and advertising work experience. What's better than that!?

here's what some of my clients think...

"Melissa is a gifted writer and strategist, and I couldn't be more pleased with the product she created for my company. She really listened to me; made sure she understood my needs, questions, and concerns; and then addressed each issue with integrity. If she didn't know the answer, she knew where to go get it. She lit a fire under me when I needed it, and we got the project done in less time and with far less stress than I expected. I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Aimee Anderson, Owner of Type A Inc.


"This is an AMAZING lady who helped me with my new website for my painting business! She is INCREDIBLE and knows what she's doing. PLUS, she knows so much about the business world and can really help you! She's super smart and fun to work with! If you need a website-she's your gal!" - Linsey Holley, Owner of Piece Of Cake Painting Parties


"It is a great honor to write this recommendation for Melissa. I have known Melissa for almost 20 years. I had the privilege of working with her in a professional setting. She is hard working, honest, dependable, personable, and extremely talented. She excels as both a writer and editor and can be trusted to do an exceptional job for any project she works on. You can't go wrong with hiring Melissa. I wholeheartedly recommend her!" - Jennifer Mathis, Freelance Editor & Web Designer

I'm eager to answer any questions you have and help make a huge impact with your marketing!