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About Me

Welcome! My name is Melissa.


Once a small business owner myself, I know it can be difficult to get the word out in a meaningful and memorable way. It’s especially challenging in today’s highly saturated online marketplace, where thousands of businesses like yours are competing for YOUR customers’ attention.

Still, you have a huge advantage, because there is no business like yours, right?

No one can do exactly what you do, how you do it, why you do it, where you do it, and for whom you do it.

The challenge is being able to get your unique message out to the right people at the right time. With so much competitive noise, you’ve got to find a different way to connect with your audience. This means doing the opposite of what most your competitors are doing in blasting anyone and everyone they can find with irrelevant messagings, spamming people’s email inboxes, and generally trying to be louder and flashier than everyone out there.

This doesn’t work. Consumers don’t want to be harassed or bombarded with marketing that doesn’t relate to them. treated like a number. They are looking for brands that understand them and hear them.

I will help your customers find you. Here is how I do it.

My Process For Success

  1. Define goal(s): We start with your goal or goals and work backward. Getting crystal clear on what you’d like the end result to be is key to creating an effective marketing strategy.

  2. Research: Once the goal is defined, the research process begins. I will do a SWOT analysis, learn more about your business and what you sell, perform customer and market research, and analyze your past and current marketing strategies.

  3. Strategy: After I’ve gathered all the relevant information I need, I will start creating a strategy (or marketing roadmap) that clearly defines the why, what, how, where, who, and when that will be helpful in achieving campaign success. This is also where I map out exactly how to best reach and engage with your intended audience, what message will resonate best with them, and what success looks like.

  4. Prototype: The form this takes depends on the project. If all you want is a marketing strategy, then your prototype will be in the form of a printed or digital marketing plan for you to follow and execute on your own. If you need an article, the prototype will be an outline. If you need a marketing campaign, the prototype will be a flowchart (an infographic or sketch detailing, showing where everything goes and flows in your campaign).

  5. Creative: This is the best part! This is where the writing, rewriting, designing, and redesigning occurs. It’s also the stage where each creative piece will go through several iterations or drafts before being presented to client for feedback.

  6. Proofing: At this point, the creative should be near perfect. I’ll have a second or third pair of eyes (professional proofreaders hired by me) review every piece of content to ensure each is grammatically correct, on brand, contains no typos or egregious errors, looks good on multiple devices and digital platforms, and that all links and buttons are in working order.

  7. Deliver: This could mean several things. For example, the final product could be delivered to the client via email for them to publish or send on their own. Or, a piece of content or campaign is posted by me on social media or sent to its audience via email or another digital channel.

  8. Measure: If I’m hired to manage a campaign, I will monitor and analyze results on Google Analytics, Facebook, or any other platform or reporting tied to the campaign. During this phase, I may also make tweaks or adjustments to things like messaging, subject line copy, delivery day or time, and email triggers in order to optimize results.

  9. Report: Depending on the length and scope of each project, I will deliver a weekly or monthly report showing results of each campaign or piece of published content.

Not every client will need or want my help in all of these areas. I will do what works for you and what makes sense for your business!

If you'd like to learn more about me, you can check out my previous work experience or click on my Linkedin profile.

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