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Hi! I'm Melissa (aka "Little Red") 

 Melissa Garcia--Owner, Writer, Creator, Critical Thinker, Book Nerd, Overall Weirdo (just ask my kids!)

Melissa Garcia--Owner, Writer, Creator, Critical Thinker, Book Nerd, Overall Weirdo (just ask my kids!)

I look out for the little guys—small businesses and start-ups everywhere, who are struggling to market their businesses in a meaningful and impactful way.

The online marketplace is a lot like high school. You've got big-name brands—the popular kids–getting picked for everything and dominating the attention of every student on campus, or rather, every customer online.

I have worked with some popular brands like BBB, The Honest Company, Overstock, and Vera Bradley, but my heart has always been with the underdogs—smaller businesses who are mighty in spirit, integrity, and excellence but struggle to be noticed and finally picked.

If David can beat Goliath, so can you! All you need is one feisty, tenacious redhead who will fight alongside you and won't quit until the job is done!

I've got your back.  

I will help you build a strong online presence that attracts the right customers to your business–the ones that will stick with you and bring their friends along for the ride. 

I will also help you build your most valuable business asset—a trustworthy reputation. If you have trust, no business (large or small) will be able to touch you. 

To build and sustain consumer trust, you need an ongoing content marketing strategy that

  • speaks the same language as your audience.

  • compels them to take an action, whether to share an article on social media or make a purchase.

  • drives profitable traffic to your website.

  • keeps visitors interested and engaged once they come to your site.

  • keeps customers interested after they've made their first purchase.

  • increases your search engine ranking, so more consumers researching businesses like yours will find you online.

  • engages your customers at all phases of the sales funnel.

I can help you check all of these off your list.

If you'd like to learn more about my professional work experience, you can check out my Linkedin profile

Also, feel free to check out a few projects I've worked on recently. 

There are also several benefits to hiring me. Lucky you!

  • I provide one-on-one service from an expert-level marketer with years of professional work experience.

  • I've published hundreds of articles online and helped run a national campaign for BBB.

  • In addition to working with big names like BBB, Vera Bradley, The Honest Company, and Overstock I've also created content and marketing campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses that include more than 35 industries.

  • I work with a team of talented web developers, designers, and creative thinkers.

  • I will help amplify your content online by posting it to my social networks and linking to your business in my articles if applicable.

  • I hold inbound marketing and email marketing certifications from Hubspot.

  • I am Copyblogger Content Marketing Certified.

  • I am an expert-level copywriter, specializing in sales copy, headlines, and blog articles.

  • I provide a quick turnaround on projects and have no problem meeting deadlines.

  • I'm well-connected with top marketing influencers, who can also share your content.

Any questions? Just click the link below and send me an email. Look forward to hearing from you!

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