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157 Words That Will Get Your Emails SPAMMED!


Getting SPAMMED sucks! You spend a lot of time and effort creating personalized and useful content to be delivered via email to your customers only to have it dumped into a SPAM folder. When you see your open rates taking a nose dive, you start to question your whole content marketing strategy. Why aren't people opening my emails anymore? Do they not like the articles? Are they not useful or relevant anymore?

It's possible, but before you start banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to make your customers fall in love with your content again, take a look at your email subject line. Using the wrong words could be triggering those annoying SPAM filters. 

There are two ways your emails get flagged as spam. The first is through the internet service provider (ISP) that hosts a prospect or customer's email server. If an ISP finds an email untrustworthy, they will most likely flag it as spam. The second way your emails get spammed is by the recipients themselves. One or two "spammy" mishaps won't ruin you, but if an ISP receives several spam reports from your email, you may end up being blocked altogether. 

One of the best things you can do to prevent being spammed is to avoid using any of these "spammy" words in your email subject line. Keep this list handy, because you'll use it often. And don't forget to apply the "Email Subject Line Do's And Don'ts" at the bottom of this article. Good luck!

Top Email Subject Line SPAM Triggers

100% Free                                                                                      

Additional Income                           Act Now                                            

Affordable                                        All natural/new

Apply now                                       Ad                                                 

Apply now                                       Avoid

Be amazed                                       Be your own boss

Beneficiary                                       Billing

Billion                                               Bonus

Buy                                                   Call free/now

Cancel                                              Cash

Cash bonus                                      Collect child support

Casino                                              Certified

Cheap                                              Click here

Clearance                                        Collect

Compare rates                                 Compete for your business

Congratulations                               Credit bureaus

Credit card/check/offers                Cures

Deal                                                 Dear friend/somebody

Debt                                                 Dig up dirt on friends

Discount                                           Double your income

Direct email                                      Don't delete/hesitate

Double your income/cash               Earn

Earn $                                               Earn extra cash

Eliminate debt                                  Email marketing

Extra                                                 Expire

Explode your business                     Extra income

Free                                                  Free cash

Fast cash                                          Free offer

Free leads                                        Free membership                                        

Fantastic                                          Free access/money/gift

Free info                                          Free investment

Free installation                               Financial freedom

Financially independent                  Free preview

Freedom                                          Friend

Guarantee                                       Help

Get it now/started                          Increase sales/traffic                        

Home based                                    Homebased business                      

Incredible deal                                Info you requested

Information you requested              Internet market

Instant                                              Investment

Junk                                                  Leave

Limited                                             Limited time offer

Lose                                                  Lowest price

Luxury                                              $/money

Make $                                             Mortgage Rates

Medicine                                          Money

Multi level marketing                        No investment

Name                                                No credit check/experience

Now                                                  Obligation

Online marketing                              Opportunity

Offer                                                 Only

Open                                                Order now

Please                                                Presently

Problem                                             Promise

Purchase                                            Prices

Promise you                                       Quote

Rates                                                  Refinance

Refund                                               Remove

Request                                              Reverses aging

Risk-free                                             Save $

Sales                                                  Satisfaction

Save                                                   Score

Search engine listings                        Serious cash

Serious                                                Spam

Success                                               Supplies

Stock disclaimer statement                 Stop snoring

Take action                                          Terms

Thousands                                           Traffic                                                  

Trial                                                     Unsubscribe

Unlimited                                             Urgent

Web traffic                                          Weight loss

Weight                                                 While supplies last

Win                                                      Winner

Other Email Subject Line Do's and Don'ts

  • Do include the name of your company
  • Do use good resources to find synonyms.
  • Do use best practices for email subject lines.
  • Do keep it under 50 characters
  • Do follow follow CAN-SPAM requirements.
  • Do keep it timely and useful (Your March Business Stats)
  • Do offer an "unsubscribe" option in each email.
  • Don't use RE: if it doesn't apply.
  • Don't write misleading subject lines.
  • Don't misspell words.
  • Don't use all caps.
  • Don't just write one word.
  • Don't use exclamation points.


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