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My Work

Samples of My Work

E-books and guides

Wrote copy, managed design, directed distribution and marketing strategy 

Goal: Lead Gen 

Format: Printed and Digital

Results: 100K downloads

Example shown: "Your Guide To Becoming The Most Talked About Brand"


Wrote copy (including email subject lines, preview text, and CTAs). Develop content strategy and manage design

Goal: customer on-boarding, product updates, special offers, announcements, digests, invitations, etc.

Results: 40 percent open rate, 35 percent click thru-rate

Example shown: Email #2 of 6-part Welcome Series for Newly Accredited Businesses


Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 1.41.29 PM.png

sales pages 

Wrote copy and provided direction on page layout and design

Goal: new customer acquisition

Results: campaign still running, results unknown

Example shown: "UpswingU Summer Camp"


b2B Lead-Gen Marketing Campaign

  • Includes landing page and social media assets. Wrote all copy and developed marketing strategy

  • Goal: Increase leads for client

  • Results: 1,800 leads for fiscal year for one client. Average 35 percent landing page conversion rate.

  • Example shown: Email marketing for campaign

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 8.41.26 AM.png

Consumer Campaign

  • Included commercial, microsite, banner ads, and social media content

  • Goal: Increase traffic to website

  • Results: 3x page views per visit and double time on site.

  • Example shown: One page from Ask BBB website