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“We don’t just persuade people to act. We move them to act.” - Bernadette Jiwa

Good marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It doesn’t manipulate or trick people into doing something they never intended to do. It doesn’t lie, cheat, or embellish the truth. It is genuine and real and connects deeply with people’s emotions—turning non-believers into believers and non-doers into doers.

The most persuasive kind of marketing is emotional, not rational and logical. It uses stories to wake people up and guide them to safer pastures and better solutions that enhance and better their lives.

If you can find a marketer to do that, hire her now! I might know one…:)

Here are a few of the services I offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list or don’t know what you need just yet, click the large pink button at the bottom and send me a message. I promise to get back to with 24 hours or less.

Copywriting Services:

  • Articles

  • e-books

  • Curated content

  • Email subject lines

  • Headlines

  • Ad copy

  • Website copy

  • Email copy

  • Landing page copy

  • Social media content

  • Video scripts

  • Print copy

Marketing Services:

  • 60-minute consultation

  • Quarterly or Annual Marketing Plans (includes content marketing strategy, brand message, inbound and outbound marketing strategy, marketing budget, etc.)

  • Email campaign strategy

  • Content audit

  • Website audit

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Media-Buy Management (I use Google Adwords and Linkedin Ad Manager but can also use other platforms.)

  • Social Media Management (Includes content strategy, posting and optimizing content, and engaging with audience)

Additional Services

  • Copyediting

  • Proofreading

  • Research

  • SEO optimization

Feel free to contact me about pricing options. The more services you purchase, the less you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. To get a quote, click the link below and briefly tell me what you’re looking for. If you’re not quite sure, no problem. We’ll figure it out together. Then, I’ll give you several service and pricing options to choose from. Look forward to talking to you!